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Last weekend Iberia Airport Services had the opportunity to handle a special flight, the biggest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 of Malaysia Airlines that arrived at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, from Kuala Lumpur.

The aircraft was chartered by the Real Madrid to move its football team to Australia to start their pre-season training.

For such a special service Iberia Airport Services endowed with all necessary resources in terms of experienced staff and equipment to perform the handling assistance accurately.

According to the plans: a perfect fit of machinery and staff has done a remarkable job. The representatives of Malaysia Airlines have congratulated Iberia Airport Services for the work done and thanked for the exquisite treatment offered to both the crew and the aircraft.

Iberia Airport Services, the first Ground Handler in Spain in terms of network and airlines served, has recently awarded the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) certification for its Headquarters and Madrid Station.

Being an ISAGO registered provider guarantees our customers that our services comply with the high quality standards the industry is demanding: SAFETY & SECURITY.

We are committed to the success of our customers.

Our tools: flexibility, safety, strength and excellence.

Spanish Airports Authority (AENA) has announced the results of the ramp services tender. The granted licenses have a validity of 7 years and regulate exclusively the ramp services. In this new period Iberia Airport Services maintains the leading position in the Spanish handling market.

Iberia Airport Services has awarded ramp licenses and will be able to provide full handling services at the following airports:


Madrid (MAD), Barcelona (BCN), Palma de Mallorca (PMI), Málaga (AGP), Alicante (ALC), Oviedo (OVD), Bilbao (BIO), Gerona (GRO), Gran Canaria (LPA), Ibiza (IBZ), Mahón (MAH), Reus (REU), Santiago de Compostela (SCQ), Tenerife Norte (TFN), Tenerife Sur (TFS), La Coruña (LCG), León (LEN), Pamplona (PNA), San Sebastián (EAS), Santander (SDR), Vigo (VGO), Vitoria (VIT), Albacete (ABC), Badajoz (BJZ), Córdoba (ODB), Granada (GRX), Jerez (XRY), Santa Cruz de la Palma (SPC) y Melilla (MLN).

We are especially proud to being able to say that we are back to Barcelona airport. As you know in the previous license a temporary consortium was created with Groundforce. Now with its own license, Iberia Airport Services is in a better position to satisfy the needs of its customers with a high quality standards.


Iberia Airport Services is still the largest handling agent in Spain, both in number of services and served stations, present at 29 airports.

Iberia Airport Services, división de aeropuertos de Iberia, ha renovado su contrato con Egyptair, por lo que continuará prestando sus servicios de asistencia a los pasajeros y aviones de la compañía egipcia en todos los aeropuertos españoles donde opera.

Este acuerdo supone para Iberia un volumen de más de 600 vuelos al año, y fortalece su relación comercial con una importante e histórica compañía aérea como es Egyptair.

Iberia Airport Services es la primera empresa de handling en  España y una de las más importantes de Europa. En total, Iberia Airport Services presta servicio de asistencia a pasajeros, rampa y/o carga en 41 aeropuertos españoles.

En 2013, Iberia Airport Services atendió a cerca de 73 millones de pasajeros, que volaban en más de 310.000 aviones de más de 200 compañías aéreas clientes.

Iberia Airport Services has signed a new Handling contract with Pullmantur Air. From May 27, Iberia will assist at Adolfo Suárez Airport (Madrid-Barajas) Pullmantur Air Boeing B747/400 fleet to destinations in America/Caribbean and Europe. This contract would mean approximately 300 flights per year.

This time is the seventh consecutive time that Santander airport is awarded with this price.

Air Nostrum, who operates as franchisee of Iberia, has chosen Santander station among more than 40 destinations, as the airport where the ground time has been reduced more often, minimizing the delays or recovering time when the incoming flight arrives late. Namely along 2013 Santander Managed to reduce the programmed ground time 131 times.

Iberia Airport Services congratulates the great professional team at Iberia Santander for the good daily work done on another year of success.

Today, we begin a new course. The most passionate trip we have ever done. A trip to get closer to you, a trip full of excitement where we will give you a better service before and during the flight. We want you to fill like home even thousands of miles away from it.

That’s why today we introduce you our new colors, a new image for a renovated Iberia. We invite you to be part of it and to share with us the passionate journey we have just begun and will only take sense when we fly together.

Today Iberia is changing. What about tomorrow? Can you imagine?

The renovation of our Brand is associated to three new values AFFINITIES, DRIVE AND TALENT that we want to be identified and differenced with.

We would like to share this link where you will find how we planned and build our new Brand image and how the new values are translated.


A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) is a European project that aims to improve both air traffic management and the capacity at airports.
This is achieved by reducing delays, improving the predictability of events and optimizing resource utilization.
In this context, A-CDM objectives are:
• Increase resource efficiency
• Improve the punctuality
• Improving the performances of the ATM network
Decision making by the actors from the airport is facilitated by the sharing of accurate and timely information and the adoption of new procedures, mechanisms and tools.
To do this, significant events (milestones) on flight progress are defined to provide relevant information.
Who benefits:
• Airlines: Improving compliance program, prioritization ability.
• Handling agents: Improved predictability of operations, better use of resources.
• Airport: Improving punctuality, more efficient use of stands, gates and terminals.
• Air Traffic Control: Optimizing the use of air-side, reducing congestion.
• CFMU: Bigger compliance with the slots, optimize the use of airspace capacity.
Iberia has been working for more than two years very closely with AENA defining new operational procedures, designing the ACDM systems and it´s algorithms.
At the same time Iberia airport services has started many different actions to guarantee a secure and transparent migration for all her clients. Some of the actions have been:
• Specific training for flight dispatchers and hub control allocators
• Internal communication
• ACDM brochure for pilots OCC departments with FQS and good practice recommendations
• Support and additional training for airlines who request so
• Briefings to subcontractors
• Modification, improvement and system adaptations
The adaptation or test phase is divided in two:
PHASE I or familiarization and incidence correction PHASE The duration is of 4 weeks, extensible to more if needed. Dairy trials from Monday to Thursday, during three hours a day during different selected peaks all the airlines work under ACDM procedures. There will be no penalties for those companies who do not comply with ACDM parameters, at star-up request TWR will inform about the noncompliance to the crew.
PHASE II Duration of three weeks. Dairy trials from Monday to Thursday during four hours per day (2 weeks), twelve hours per day (one week) during different selected peaks all the airlines work under ACDM procedure. In this case airlines that not comply with ACDM procedures will be penalized.
Last Octuber 7th Madrid Barajas airport has started with ACDM trials on PHASE. The first impressions and data analysis have been very positive.The TSAT (Target Star-Up Approval Time u hora objetivo de puesta en marcha) and TOBT (Target Off-Block Time u hora objetivo de salir de calzos) accomplishment by IBAS clients have been nearly of a 100% above the average. Punctuality was also above the daily average for those peaks.