Iberia Airport Services renews its quality and environment certificates

Iberia Airport Services has renewed the certification accrediting compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001 normative covering quality and environmental protection, respectively. Our handling unit’s Quality and Environmental Manager Hugo Castillo, said, “This renewal is a milestone for two reasons. First, because we have passed the annual audit, and second because we have adapted our system to the new standards.”

Starting in 2018 new regulations require a risk management system while broadening requisites for environmental management:

The risk management system implemented by Iberia Airport Services analyses all relevant processes, including organization, planning, training, equipment management, etc., both to identify possible failure points in order to apply preventative measures, and to take steps to minimize their impact when failures occur.

The environmental management system has been extended to cover the organizations the Iberia handling unit normally works with, such as customer airlines, suppliers, AENA, airports authority, and other departments within Iberia, since we are the only division to possess this certification. This means that the handling unit is committed to go beyond mere legal compliance with the norms, but also to try to influence its stakeholders and partners in minimizing the environment impact of their activities, for the sake of greater sustainability. Thus our suppliers must monitor their environmental impact just as we do, under the “life cycle” concept by which we attempt to quantify and to minimize the indirect environmental impact of our work. 

The audit, lasting four weeks, covered 20 of the 29 airports in which we operate, and on presentation of the Corrective Actions Plan certification was granted. The auditors’ report also identified several outstanding strengths, for which we congratulate the people involved in Safety Management and the Baggage Reconciliation System, which received the highest marks, along with the Airports Quality and Environmental Team for raising environmental awareness and adapting to the new standards.