As part of an ongoing digitisation process, Iberia’s airport handling division is issuing smart phones to passenger handling service unit chiefs and supervisors at Madrid-Barajas airport. Use of the device is expected to lend greater flexibility and mobility to Iberia Airport Services personnel in the check-in area.

The small size and versatility of smart phones is making them extremely useful tools in our daily lives and at the workplace, where they offer a new world of possibilities.

The particular advantages they are expected to bring to the check-in area include:

  • Immediate access by users to all information needed for doing their jobs correctly.
  • More flexible and efficient check-in processes.
  • Real-time control of passenger flow and workloads in the check-in area.
  • More fluid communication amongst working teams, and better coordination with other areas.
  • Better service to our customers.

Alberto Terol, a member of the Customers Division digital transformation team, points out that “the use of Microsoft 365 in the new devices represents a step forward in the digital transformation of Madrid-Barajas airport. Office 365 is more than a set of tools –it’s a new way of working. The use of the Teams tool in the handling division is showing very good results in coordinating flows of communications between working teams, while the Sharepoint tool facilitates immediate access to all shared documentation.”

In addition to bringing improvements to the customer experience and reducing airport waiting times, this initiative is also raising the level of engagement of handling staff by making it easier for them to do their jobs efficiently. Antonio Rodríguez Aranda, the Senior Passenger Care Manager at Madrid-Barajas, comments: “This is a step forward in the project we launched last year for middle managers by aligning all to a new team management model, and supplying them with new tools that enable them to perform their tasks more easily, simply, and efficiently, while helping drive the change of culture amongst our staff.” In addition, he says, “it improves our communications, making it much quicker and easier to contact middle managers in each area”.

The introduction of these smart phones comes within the framework of the “customer experience” section of the Airports Go-up! programme being spearheaded by the Innovation department in collaboration with Madrid-Barajas teams including Customer Care, Customer Experience on the Ground, Brand, and Systems teams.