• The company has just reached an agreement with the Employment Monitoring Committee after three months of intense negotiations.
  • In addition to these, 1,000 more cabin crew contract transformations, a total of 3,500 Iberia workers will see their conditions improved this year.

After more than three months of negotiations, Iberia and the trade union organisations represented on the Employment Monitoring Committee have reached an agreement to transform the contracts of 2,500 workers at the 29 airports where Iberia Airport Services provides handling services.

In Iberia’s entire history, this is the largest number of people to benefit from contract upgrades in a single wave. In 2022, Iberia already converted a further 2,492 contracts, demonstrating Iberia’s commitment to employment stability, the safety of its operations and the quality of service it provides to more than 150 airline customers at Spanish airports.

These 2,500 contract transformations include different situations (from temporary to permanent discontinuous, from permanent discontinuous to permanent part-time, and permanent part-time to permanent full-time), depending on the situation of each airport and the current and future needs. Likewise, all these contract transformations will be carried out over the coming months according to the needs of each employment group in the different work centres.

In addition to these 2,500 transformations in the airport workforce, there are nearly 1,000 contract improvements in the cabin crew collective, which will also be completed in November of this year.

450 transformations were agreed with the signing of the last agreement and were carried out between March and May, and nearly 550 others are being implemented as of this September.

In total, 3,500 Iberia workers will see their conditions improved this year, with the company giving yet another demonstration of its commitment to quality and stability in employment.

According to a report prepared by PwC in 2022, 0.9% of employment in our country is directly or indirectly related to Iberia’s activity: