Iberia employs 6,023 women. Engineers, maintenance technicians, pilots, flight attendants, administrative staff, check-in and boarding agents… Eight of them talk to El Español’s MagasIN about their careers and equality.
Ana María Zapata is head ramp agent at Iberia Airport Services at Barajas airport. She works in a group where the presence of women is still scarce, only 9% of the workforce.
There are very hard days, in inclement weather, but “my experience at Iberia is very good”.
The most positive thing recently, she says, “has been to see, once again, the quality of the human capital that makes up Iberia’s workforce”. During the pandemic, Iberia converted three of its passenger aircraft into freighters. “Loading aircraft in bulk was a laborious and even tedious job, but we all knew that the company was making an effort to be active and we were proud to be able to lend a hand,” he concludes.

Maria Guilarte is Senior Passenger Service Manager at Madrid airport. An industrial and aeronautical engineer, she has worked in different areas of the company since she joined Iberia in 2008. She recognises that “in Airports I have experienced one of my most intense periods: the most beautiful thing was receiving all those repatriated during the harsh pandemic or, if I think of another type of emotion, Filomena was also very hard, I spent several days at the airport, without setting foot in my house”.

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