Business Insider, a reference digital media in Spain with an average circulation of 230,000 readers, has interviewed Fran López Noguera, our Director of Airport Operations, where he explains what the process for awarding AENA handling licenses consists of and our offer , whose basic pillars are innovation, sustainability and people.

“Depending on the size of the airport, there is a volume of licenses that Aena puts out to public tender and our intention is not only to maintain the operations we have today, but to increase the number of airports where we are present (29) to occupy the entire Spanish network, that is, 41 airports” says Fran.

You can see here, the complete interview (with video included).

This will be our handling business in 100 years

In addition, MagasIN magazine published an interview a few days ago with Nuria Escorihuela, Senior Manager of Commercial and Airport Transformation: “As a handling agent, sustainability is one of our commitments, with an investment of 100 million euros, especially “Renewing the ground equipment fleet to incorporate more efficient models, achieve their conversion to electric models or powered by clean energy, such as solar. This will reduce emissions and noise in the airport environment,” he explains.

Check out the full interview here.