For the first time at Santiago de Compostela airport, Iberia Airport Services has served a Canadian company, Westjet, which has contracted our services to handle a series of charter flights, operating with a Boing 737-700/800 aircraft every 15 days, from 15 March until 29 June, connecting St. John’s Newfoundland (YYT) with the Galician city.

After months of intense work and weekly remote meetings between a local team at Santiago airport, led by our stopover manager, Antonio Ruiz, and the account manager in Madrid, Carmen Martinez from IBAS, together with the Regional General Manager of Europe, the Charter Operations Manager and the Ground Operation Manager of Westjet, the first flight landed on a typical cloudy day.

In addition, on the day of the inaugural flight, IBAS welcomed WestJet’s ground operations team for the first time to show them around the airport, the IBAS facilities and to ensure that all the material and human resources were ready according to the requirements of the Canadian airline. Carmen Martinez highlights:
“After months of online work to accommodate the time differences, it was a pleasure to supervise and coordinate the operation together so that everything went smoothly. Our business philosophy at IBAS is not only to provide services, but we always try to accompany our airlines with care and dedication. We know that opening a new route at a new airport is critical for them and we want to make a difference by being in the process from start to finish. We like to know and feel the product they offer to passengers to ensure an excellent service”.

On the one hand, our commercial team designs a tailor-made operation with each client, taking into account all their technical, procedural and operational requirements and centralising all the necessary support by being the people they trust to resolve any H24 queries; our dedicated team at each airport puts the finishing touch with their experience, knowledge and ability to adapt.

This is how we work at IBAS: we design a tailor-made suit for each client.