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Business Insider, a reference digital media in Spain with an average circulation of 230,000 readers, has interviewed Fran López Noguera, our Director of Airport Operations, where he explains what the process for awarding AENA handling licenses consists of and our offer , whose basic pillars are innovation, sustainability and people.

“Depending on the size of the airport, there is a volume of licenses that Aena puts out to public tender and our intention is not only to maintain the operations we have today, but to increase the number of airports where we are present (29) to occupy the entire Spanish network, that is, 41 airports” says Fran.

You can see here, the complete interview (with video included).

This will be our handling business in 100 years

In addition, MagasIN magazine published an interview a few days ago with Nuria Escorihuela, Senior Manager of Commercial and Airport Transformation: “As a handling agent, sustainability is one of our commitments, with an investment of 100 million euros, especially “Renewing the ground equipment fleet to incorporate more efficient models, achieve their conversion to electric models or powered by clean energy, such as solar. This will reduce emissions and noise in the airport environment,” he explains.

Check out the full interview here.

Last March, at the LCG airport, the day passed normally (in times of restrictions, which meant an exhaustive control of documentation to be able to travel and punctual queues to check-in for this reason) and Margarita Brun, passenger supervisor, was on duty.

A passenger bound for Bangladesh arrives at the counter. It is not a very frequent destination. Checking that all the documentation necessary to fly is in order requires an exhaustive review. One of the requirements was missing.

Margarita provided this document to the passenger, printed and handed it over. The grateful passenger told him “you don’t really know what you just did”. The passenger left and Margarita continued doing her daily work.

A story that did not end here since weeks later the passenger returned to ask about Margarita, to thank her for her willingness and collaboration and explained the beautiful story in which Margarita, without knowing it, became one of the protagonists. The passenger was a doctor traveling to Bangladesh to operate on an 8-year-old girl who had broken her spine.

After the operation, Nupur, in an amazing rehabilitation, managed to recover the movement of his legs and walk again.

The doctor from Coruña told Margarita the story of this girl, thanked her for her work and also left her a reflection that we want to share, a written “formula” that he explained as follows: (C+H x A). “He told me that C is our ‘knowledge’ and H is our ‘skills.’ We all have them, they serve us for work, for leisure… for life in general. We develop them over the years, knowledge and skills add up. The third letter, A, stands for ‘attitude’ and ‘attitude multiplies, good and bad. And if attitude is 0, anything multiplied by 0 equals 0.”

With this equation, the doctor emphasized how the gesture of the flight supervisor, “her step forward”, allowed a girl from a poor Asian country, “who she does not know and possibly will never know, life to give her a second chance” . To finish, he told her: “Since you didn’t know what you did that morning, I’m here to tell you.”

In this link published by the Voice of Galicia, you can meet Nupur and Margarita.

Thank you Margaret! We are very proud of the human quality of our employees.

Gran Canaria International Airport is located in the bay of Gando, occupying the surface of the municipalities of Ingenio and Telde.

It is located at a distance of 18 km (kilometres) from the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and 25 km from the tourist centers in the south of the island.

Located 23 meters above sea level, its optimal weather conditions help to consider Gran Canaria airport as one of the safest, extending its operations 24 hours a day.

It is the only airport in the Canary Islands with two runways, which are arranged in parallel, and allow a maximum operating capacity of 53 operations/hour. Both tracks have a length of 3100 m (meters) and a width of 45 m.

Gran Canaria Airport has a constant flow of passengers throughout the year, with peaks in the summer and winter months.

In 2019, it received 13,261,228 passengers, ranking 6th nationally and making it the first airport in the Canary Islands.

In 2014, the new expansion of Gran Canaria Airport was inaugurated. It has two terminals, one for flights from the European Union and Spain and another for non-community and island flights.

It has traditionally had significant air traffic from the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Scandinavian countries, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France and Italy throughout the year.

Iberia Airport Services has a workforce that fluctuates according to the season, reaching over 200 people to serve the more than 20 client companies, with the IAG group being the ones with the highest volume of operations on the island. As a peculiarity, LPA is the only Spanish airport where the company Mauritania Air operates.

Juan Reino is the manager of this airport: “I started working at Iberia when I was 19 years old, at the Barajas Cargo Terminal (1985). Although raised in Madrid, I am a Canarian by birth and perhaps that is why life took me to Gran Canaria in 1994, to the Passenger Unit, where I have been a supervisor, head of service and head of unit before being head of scale in La Palma, Murcia and Tenerife Sur. I have very good experiences from all these airports and pleasant memories of the colleagues I have met”.

Francisco Rosales is head of service at LPA and what he values ​​most about his job is “the dynamics of working at an airport and how completely different everything becomes when you work around a machine like the plane and the world around it, which everyone is fascinated”.

He transmits passion for his work, he likes to anticipate situations and problems, and he also recommends a few tips about his island: “I recommend visiting and enjoying Las Canteras beach, unique for its location, temperature and context. Also, a must see, the historic center of Vegueta and Triana street; Few places offer as much colonial architecture in perfect condition as this one. Strolling through its streets is a joy; It takes you back to times when our great-great-grandparents walked and lived in them as the only existing city. Two views that we cannot miss: The first, from the upper neighborhood of Las Coloradas, the entire north coast of the city, with Las Canteras as the main focus, a reverse perspective to the usual and from the top of that entire coast. And the second, from the upper city, going up the Don Zoilo ravine, the whole perspective of the pier, maritime avenue and garden city.

My favorite restaurant, La Barracuda, is on the marina. It has a magnificent kitchen and fabulous views of Las Alcaravaneras.