The world of aviation arouses great interest in general, and especially our followers on social networks. They are very interested in everything that is hidden behind each flight, what is not visible to the naked eye, when we personalise and “humanise” our work through you.

Who hasn’t ever wondered what happens just below your feet when you are sitting in a plane about to start the backward movement, and what happens in those moments before a plane takes off safely?

Beatriz Carmona, coordinator at Madrid airport, tells us today on our social media profiles what her day-to-day life is like. We have accompanied her during one of her days, in which she interacts with colleagues from other areas: passengers, ramp, pilots…

Coordination is essential for a plane to take off on time and safely, so each team assigned to a flight knows what they have to do.

The “dance” around the plane starts between one hour and 45  minutes before the scheduled departure time, depending on the type of plane.Bea makes sure that this meshing fits together perfectly: “I have to have a thousand eyes everywhere because there are so many things going on at once that I have to be aware of. We serve more than 150 client companies and never one flight is the same as another. That’s the magic of my job.

“My favourite moment of the day is doing the pushback with the Mototok; I operate the aircraft with my hands, I am the pilot’s eyes. I never imagined that this job existed and I can’t see myself doing anything else.”


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