1st IBAS Green Week

Coinciding with the European Union’s Green Week and World Environment Day, Iberia Airport Services has developed a series of activities for each day, with the aim of promoting care for the environment and sustainability within our handling activity.

In this Iberia Airport Services Green Week, we want to continue raising awareness and creating environmental culture in a wide range of issues related to aviation and the airport industry in particular, such as emissions reduction, waste management, energy efficiency of equipment and facilities or circular economy, among others.

With this initiative, we aim to involve as many employees as possible and encourage active participation in environmental protection.

The proposed activities are:

  • Monday, 5 June 2023: Launch of the first Digital Photography Competition, under the title “Looking towards the Environment 2023”.
  • Tuesday, 6 June 2023: On-line conference, organised by EASA, with free access upon registration. Under the title “Is the aviation sector ready for the green transition?”.
  • Wednesday, 7 June 2023: Short lectures related to the environment and airport activity.
  • Thursday, 8 June 2023: Annual Environmental Awareness Campaign: “For a greener airport”, with new training material for all our employees.
  • Friday, 9 June 2023: Summary of the publications that have echoed our Sustainability Plan, a plan of 30 initiatives with which we will reduce the environmental impact of our business and develop corporate social responsibility.

At Iberia Airport Services we are committed to a greener operation, so awareness and sensitivity is key to achieving our goals.