Our handling company Iberia Airport Services passes the AENOR audit with flying colours

The annual audit of our management system, certified by ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, took place over three intense weeks in September at 21 airports in the Airport Services Division (DSA) network, simultaneously accompanied by the operational safety and security audit that verifies compliance with the technical instructions of the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA).

With the collaboration and cooperation of the quality managers and operational safety and security managers at our airports, coordinated by Hugo Castillo, quality and environment manager, AENOR (the Spanish Standards and Certification Association) was able to verify that the ground assistance activities related to passenger, apron and PRM (passengers with reduced mobility) services are being conducted correctly and in compliance with the requirements of the benchmark standards.

The results of the audit were excellent.

According to the report, our strengths are:

  • The massive use across the organisation of collaborative tools from the Microsoft Office 365 package, such as Teams and SharePoint.
  • The dissemination of all aspects of the operational safety and security system through safety committees, boards and videos, combined with the use of Coruson, the new management tool.
  • The quantification of the indirect environmental impact of handling activities in relation to employees’ daily commute.

As with all audits, there are always areas with room for improvement, and the recommendations in our case include:

  • Extend the elements analysed in our risk management system so that we not only assess internal factors but external ones as well, such as suppliers.
  • Include external stakeholders, such as suppliers and AENA, in the dissemination of key environmental

We are already working on these aspects, as evidenced by the call we issued yesterday in Madrid inviting all quality managers and operational safety and security managers to consider the results of this audit and act on them.