ALC airport opened in 1967, growing in number of passengers and in client companies, until becoming one of the most important in Spain. It is one of the busiest in the summer season when we provide our Handling services to more than 20 client companies, including Vueling, Air Algerie, Air Nostrum, Neos, Icelandair, British Airways, Flyplay, Bees

As confirmed by Kolbrún Ída, Station Manager for Flyply, a company that recently started working at ALC “”from day one, the IBAS team has perfectly complied with the required service standards. Our crews and passengers are delighted to fly to ALC.

We employ 250 people (depending on the season) and during the months of July and August our operation reached 68% vs. 2019. We undertake all kinds of special operations but, above all, due to the proximity of Benidorm’s theme parks, we transport really unique animals like dolphins, endangered turtles and tuna to the United Kingdom, egg-laying hens to Algeria, Macael marble and even yachts participating in the America’s Cup.

Delia Garcia, ALC-ABC Airport Manager.  He has had a long career in IBAS “out on the runway”, which gives him ideal knowledge of all the operational areas, his colleagues and, of course, the needs of our clients. His motto is: “we all do everything. The same employee is trained to handle the check-in for a flight (with knowledge of numerous systems: iPort, Gonow, Altea, Resiber, Quick pass, DCS, FLY, etc.), boarding, coordination and can even prepare a loading sheet, always with the emphasis on empathy and good personal relationships”

For Ester Sanchez, Head of Passenger Services at ALC, “once you work at the airport, that’s where you will always want to stay. It is a very dynamic job, no two days are the same.”