Reus airport is located 10 kilometres east of the city and also of the city centre of Tarragona. Its facilities have grown significantly in recent years, where mainly low-cost airlines operate to assist numerous charter flights concentrated mainly in the summer season.

In 2005 a new arrivals building came into operation and in 2008 a new check-in terminal was built, joining the three buildings (arrivals, check-in and departures) into one. The new boarding area was opened in 2010 and the functional design terminal extension was completed in 2021.

Numerous general aviation and sports aircraft also operate at Reus, due to the presence at the airport of the Real Aeroclub de Reus, one of the oldest aeroclubs in Spain, and a pilot school, the Centro de Estudios Superiores de Aviación. Studies: CESDA).



In 2021, 158,887 passengers transited through this airport in more than 14,500 operations. In 2022, these operations have already recovered almost 97% vs 2021.

Amaya López Pelegrín is the manager of this airport and also of Gerona airport: “At Reus, we have a staff of between 10 and 60 people, depending on the season. We provide our handling services to the TUI group (95% of our activity) and to Air Nostrum, with up to 15 different destinations.

This airport is very peculiar because in addition to having two very distinct seasons within the year, it is also seasonal in terms of weeks and even days and hours. All the traffic we have is practically TUI charter flights, British and family tourism that arrives in B737 aircraft with bulk holds and full of suitcases. There are times and days when we have all the staff (more than 60 people) working at full capacity”.



Gemma Anaya is one of our passenger and boarding area supervisors, who is passionate about her job: “Ours is a very seasonal airport. One of the peculiarities, without a doubt, is that we are like a family. We are versatile and we love the contact with the people, the planes and the crews. Even if the day goes wrong or we have a 43-degree heat on the runway or an 8-hour delay, we never lose our smile.

Gemma offers us some “tips” about her city, which we encourage you to visit: “Reus is the birthplace of Antonio Gaudí, where you can visit many buildings, taste Mediterranean cuisine in good restaurants and, above all, enjoy a vermouth in a little terrace in the city centre, together with the famous olives and potatoes with which it is accompanied, without forgetting the world-famous Reus hazelnuts. We look forward to seeing you!