Last week we welcomed back to Barcelona one of our main clients, LATAM, who returned after a few months of interruption due to the pandemic. With this reincorporation, we now serve 22 in Barcelona.

Eduardo García, KAM Handling of Iberia Airport Services in Barcelona, has been working during the last month, together with the operational team of BCN and the representatives of LATAM (at national level and the manager of airports in Europe) on all the operational procedures. One of the main challenges is always the preparation and training of the resources that LATAM needs for its operation, both human and technical, in the three operational areas: passenger, coordination and ramp. As an example, for the use of its own check-in system in Barcelona, SABRE, we have supported the entire installation with the airline’s UCA, SITA and IT teams.

The great novelty of this operation is the trust that LATAM places in IBAS as representatives of its company in Barcelona. All the agents involved in the operation have very well-defined functions and have been specifically trained to resolve any incident in situ, with the support of the supervisor or shift service manager and Hub control team. At Latam’s request, we added a new profile to our functions, called “COT” (ground operations coordinator), who is in charge of preparing the flight, being in permanent contact with the LATAM representative at headquarters, closing the flight, completing and verifying all the information required by the company in its systems.

As Eduardo remarks “after the months of pandemic we have lived through, the truth is that it is an illusion for the whole team to see that the companies are flying again and, above all, that LATAM has chosen us to push all these changes”.

A work supported from central services by Ana del Cura, commercial manager responsible for the company LATAM, who says “we have been working with LATAM for years and it is a pleasure to see them again in BCN. Our experience allows us to prepare any type of operation (start-up of routes, temporary reopenings…) that our clients require. We have put all our efforts and dedication to prepare this return of Latam with three weekly frequencies between Barcelona and Sao Paulo, and we will work in the same line to make it a success during this season”.

We welcome a customer back “home”; we are delighted to meet again and thank you for trusting in the excellence of our services, always adapted to the current situation and your requirements.