Our team’s commitment


At Iberia Airport Services we are committed to diversity and integration, to providing value from the difference and authenticity of each of our employees.

Our staff is currently made up of more than 50 different nationalities, a differential value that allows us to approach each client according to their culture and origin.


We support the inclusion of women in the aviation sector, currently 35% of our workforce, and we respect all genders with fully egalitarian selection processes. Promoting work in the sector, ensuring quality conditions is one of our pillars to guarantee the development of each and every one of our employees.


Iberia Airport Services has its own occupational health and safety service, made up of senior technicians in occupational risk prevention. It is also supported by an agreement with Sociedad de Prevención Quirón for the health surveillance of all our ground staff, the basis for guaranteeing the wellbeing of our team.

Our training programme

At Iberia Airport Services we know that training is the best investment for the professional development and commitment of our employees. For this reason, we have a training programme adapted to the functions of each employee and the services we offer.

Iberia Airport Services has a training and competency testing programme that ensures the training of operationally critical personnel as well as personnel not directly associated with operations. Our programme includes:

  • Initial training
  • Recurrent or refresher training
  • Refresher training
  • Specific training

To reinforce the training programmes in equipment handling, we have simulators and full-scale models of NB and WB airframes in order to develop:

  • Practice in approaching and placing ladders
  • A320 and A350 type A320 and A350 belts approach and positioning practice.
  • Practices with platforms for the placement of ULDs in the A320 and A350 hold lanes.

Our online programme, reinforced during pandemic and ERTE periods, offers a diverse range of courses for all our staff based on the latest digital tools.

In line with technological innovation, at Iberia Airport Services we are introducing virtual reality as another teaching OPTION. We already have one of the most critical courses within the handling activity, the “Aircraft Departure Procedure”, with excellent results and a very positive acceptance among all our students.