During the first few months of the pandemic, IBAS was dedicated almost exclusively to handling repatriation and medical cargo flights, responding to the need to provide countries with masks and supplies of this type. The cargo was carried in the cabin, adapting the seats with nets and “pouches” like the ones used by Iberia.

After this need was covered, the planes were gradually used for scheduled passenger flights again, but now that the summer is over we have noticed new demands from our customers as they look for business opportunities.

In view of the increase in cargo traffic, numerous airlines have decided to temporarily transform some of their passenger planes into cargo planes by adapting the cabin and removing the seats.

Providing handling for these types of flights requires IBAS to carry out another overhaul of its processes, security procedures and resources because we have never handled flights where up to 15 tonnes or more of cargo have to be loaded manually on to the cabin, in the designated positions, and secured with nets anchored to the rails that previously accommodated the seats.

There are already some companies that have converted part of their fleet into cargo aircraft and have requested handling from IBAS. We are continuing our efforts to offer made-to-measure handling.