Iberia Airport Services (IBAS) has just added electric aircraft tractors (green pushback) operated by remote control to its fleet at Madrid and Barcelona airports.

A few years, ago, IBAS decided to transform its handling business in Spain by adopting the innovative and sustainable solutions already explored by the industry.

One of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment on the market to offer our customers a quality service while delivering the following benefits:

  • Enhanced operational safety thanks to more efficient and accurate guiding
  • Greater punctuality
  • Greater efficiency (the 80V battery can be used for up to 28 aircraft without being recharged)
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction of emissions on the apron

In spite of the current crisis in the aviation sector, IBAS remains as committed as ever to delivering sustainable, efficient, safe and excellent handling services. Another step towards innovation and digitalisation, with sights firmly on the future, ready for when normal airport operations resume after the pandemic.