IBAS has just renewed the ISAGO certificate at Madrid-Barajas airport, a further step towards excellence, quality and safety in our services as a handling agent. A recognition of the experience and work of our employees for their involvement, commitment and constant effort.

The ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) certificate accredits handling agents that comply with the highest safety standards defined by IATA. ISAGO, as with IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) for the airline, reviews through an exhaustive audit all the operational procedures and processes we carry out, the regulations we have published and many other aspects of the documentation that regulates ground operations, verifying that all of this complies with the regulatory requirements and IATA standards.

To carry out this inspection, once requested by us, IATA appoints a global Audit Organisation, which in turn assigns an audit team to review more than a thousand operational standards spread across the five areas in which we operate:

  • Organisation of the company (SMS, Training, Quality, etc…)
  • Passenger and baggage assistance
  • Aircraft loading and unloading (handling of equipment, wheeling, etc…)
  • Control of aircraft loading and centring
  • Aircraft movement on the ground

On the part of IBAS, all areas related to the operation, both Central Services and Madrid-Barajas Airport Management, coordinated by the Quality and Environment area, have actively collaborated.