On Thursday 17 November, the 22nd Ground Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed by the company and the CCOO and UGT unions, which form the majority of the Negotiating Committee of the 22nd Ground Collective Bargaining Agreement, after intense negotiation sessions.

This agreement covers the ground staff of the corporate areas, the management of Airports and Maintenance, which represents some 11,000 employees, and joins the one signed in October by the pilots’ collective bargaining agreement.

“This is good news and a good agreement, which will help to continue building the future of Iberia and its employees, provides security and stability for all areas of the company, allows the Handling business to bid for AENA tenders with more competitive offers and contributes to consolidating the future of the Maintenance area to consolidate itself as a reference centre in the sector”, said Javier Sánchez-Prieto, Iberia’s Chairman.

Among other things, it includes a guaranteed salary increase during the years the agreement is in force, different productivity measures, especially for Airport and Maintenance staff, and improvements in terms of work-life balance.

It will allow Iberia Airport Services to bid for AENA tenders at Spanish airports with a more competitive offer.