Innovation and Digitalisation

In line with the company’s digital strategy, we are working on the transformation of our business to improve our service: digitising operational management, incorporating the latest advances in ground equipment and committing to the development of applications that allow us to be more efficient and competitive.

Our goal is to facilitate and consolidate all the necessary tools in a single mobile device, thus achieving a fully digital operation and experience conceived as

IBAS Turnarround 3.0

Our commitment to innovation and digitalisation

IBAS Turnaround 3.0

Kepler Project

Our new operational management tool capable of monitoring any process in real time.

  • By digitally recording data and milestones on the scale, we can have a 360-degree view of any process on the ramp or terminal in real time from the management screens.
  • We parameterise the standards of each client airline in a unique and customised way, guaranteeing the coverage of any service.
  • Connectivity with AENA systems, company DCS and telegraph among others, all operational information at the fingertips of our agents with a single mobile device.
  • Analysis capacity in a single, integrated database.

Connected Operations

Collaborative chats, query bots and customer reporting in O365

  • Creation of shared chats between all the agents involved in aircraft assistance (external and internal): we facilitate communication and team collaboration.
  • Possibility of generating customised bots to facilitate consultation of procedures, rules and regulations during operations.
  • Transmitters and walkie-talkies integrated in the same mobile device and with access to the O365 platform.
  • Agile and dynamic form filling in real time: encouraging incident reporting and an active attitude towards decision making and incident resolution.

Iris Project

Automation of our Cargo Control Centre (CLC), now equipped with in-plane mobility

  • Greater accuracy in loading data as it allows real-time updating directly in the mobile application by the loading coordinator or supervisor.
  • Highly automated load sheet issuing process, integrating check-in and loading data, limiting manual intervention to non-standard “management by exemption” events.
  • Greater visibility of the loading and centring calculation processes between the teams involved, with shared access to the status of the process at any time.
  • Digital signature of the Instruction (LIR) and the Load Sheet, allowing time savings at critical moments of the scale.

Autonomous Exit

With our electric push backs and controlled by a single agent

Increase of our fleet of electric ground equipment, in order to reduce CO2 and noise emissions in the airport environment.
Manoeuvre executed by the departing agent by means of a control command, which allows us greater autonomy in the last processes of the stopover.
With a specific training programme, validated by the manufacturer, which guarantees the complete training of our agents.
Procedure certified by AESA and AENA in terms of operational safety, as well as adjusted to the departure procedures of each client airline. No incidents recorded in the more than 5,000 departures already carried out.

Kepler's 365 days during the pandemic

During the decrease in activity during the first half of 2021 we have focused on change management and Kepler landing at each airport. We invite you to know in detail the development of Kepler, 365 days where the IBAS team has managed to implement the new system in 15 new airports betting on the digitisation of our services.