We innovate to improve our environment

Catalyst project:

In the summer of 2017 the DSA started a project whose objective was the reduction of fuel consumption and atmospheric emissions of ground equipment.

For this reason we installed a device that produces a cleaner combustion of fuel, this is obtained through a minerals reagent that gives oxygen to the combustion increasing the percentage of fuel burnt.

Thus, we get a reduction of the polluting gases emission and a boost in engine power

To achieve this effect no chemicals or additives are used, nothing is dissolved in the fuel so it does not harm the engine of the vehicles in which it is installed. We are able to confirm after more than a year of use, the equipment has passed the corresponding maintenance without detecting any negative effect.

Telemetry project

We are including geolocalization devices on the ground equipment fleet to be more efficient in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and to promote a safer operation in our airports. This project is part of the Digital Transformation Strategy of the company and will improve the daily tasks of employees