Kepler never sleeps! This is how categorical the members of the Kepler team are, a project in continuous evolution that, hand in hand with our airports, manages the operations, and all those involved in them, for the dispatch of an aircraft. This week, for the first time in two years, the whole team got back together again in Madrid to prepare the Kepler deployments at the airports of Mallorca, Malaga and Alicante, as well as to continue improving the tool at the airports where it is already in use. The configuration of the planning rules and the training of our agents are key aspects of change management at the airports. The role of the Kepler team consists of parameterising the new tool to the needs of each stopover, leading the training of the agents and accompanying the local team at all times as experts in the tool.
Francisca Carbonell, coordinator of Mallorca Airport and part of the Kepler team, comments that “we have been participating in this project for many months, with many good moments in our backpacks and many lessons learned from the 23 airports where Kepler has already landed. After this week of preparation, we are looking forward to kicking off in Palma”.
José Manuel Arroniz, Chief Agent in Alicante, says that “one of the most enriching tasks of the project for me has been to train so many different colleagues; each team is new and we learn things at each airport. It makes us grow professionally and personally. I have no doubt that the deployment in Malaga and Alicante is going to be a success”.
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