Iberia Airport Services new operational management system
to integrate a complete digital turnaround

What is Kepler?

KEPLER is the new IBAS operational management tool that will unify the 22 apps historical used in the company on a single one, to connect all business units in only 4 modules: resource planning, real time operation, billing services and data analysis.

The main Kepler capability is its ability to share and receive information from internal and external systems – totally customizable from a ground handling agent point of view.

Why Kepler?

  • All operational tools in a single one
  • Better access to operational data in REAL TIME
  • Improves communication with agents by mobile phones
  • High level of tool setting customization to each of our airline
  • Tasks optimization, avoiding duplication and manual records
  •  Possibility to explore all data recorded with business analytics
  • Greater agility and autonomy in making decisions and solving incidents

Modules Overview

KEPLER in IBAS Airports


What do we want to achieve with Kepler deployment
on the short and long term for our customers?

Customized to airlines SLAs

Real time process tracking

Without on-site calls

Business analytics: new KPI and dashboards

Kepler helps us to provice a customer-focus service

Would you like to know more about
how Kepler can imporve your operation?

Discover how Kepler works
at BCN ariport for Vueling

Kepler is a customizable tool for managing each airline we attend, with the possibility of monitoring any process in real time and adapting resources to the requirements of each type of operation. Thanks to Kepler, we can generate operational dashboards and tracking on any turnaround process from mobile phones

During the months of pandemic, we have developed Kepler specific settings for Vueling with the goal of improving passenger, crew, ramp and control processes.

Benefits: OTP increase, better process control and more agile reporting



IBAS was Pride of Ground Handling Awards 2021 finalist

Category: “Handler Airline Innovation“
Project: Kepler IBAS Turnaround 3.0 for Vueling

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