Last Friday 23rd June, the Airports Management, headed by our director José Luis de Luna, visited ENVERA in its Integral Disability Centre in Colmenar Viejo.

We were able to see first-hand the social work they have been carrying out for more than 45 years, accompanying many people with disabilities on their journey through life, committed to functional diversity, and with the firm belief that “we can all be the best at something”.

During our visit to the Envera Integral Disability Centre last Friday, we toured the Special Employment Centre, where, among other jobs, the preparation of the toiletry bags that are delivered on planes or the annual rectification of 2.5 million tickets incorrectly processed at source through the Ibterm and Amadeus system are carried out. We also visited different assistance services such as the Occupational Centre and the Day Centre.

Afterwards, we were invited to participate in a zumba class in the Sports Pavilion. We were able to see that they are really good at dancing and we finished with a special Radio Terrícola programme.

We submitted to the questions of their reporters, ending with the invitation of José Luis de Luna, to visit us at Madrid Barajas airport.

“We are waiting for you”.