The specialised aviation magazine, airline92, has just published a report on the digital transformation of Iberia Airport Services.

Our extensive experience in the sector has allowed us, after an initial adaptation phase following the emergence of COVID-19, to take advantage of the slowdown to consolidate several initiatives that we had launched under our digital transformation project called “Go Up!“, which includes more than 130 process efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

We have explored new ways to accelerate digitalisation by focusing on getting the most out of Microsoft Office 365, and thus developing in-house collaborative tools such as chats via Teams, the use of walkie-talkies, the creation of operational checklists, or the development of a virtual assistant to answer any questions about COVID documentation, all available on a single mobile device.

In addition, we have given a boost to all the projects aimed at the digital transformation of our operations and that bring with them a more environmentally responsible performance.

In this LINK you can read the full article about the digitalisation of “turnaround 3.0” and the high degree of commitment and support of our employees involved in the development of these new tasks, without which it would not have been possible.