In addition to the Comprehensive Health and Safety Plan rolled out at airports, IBAS has implemented a series of health and safety measures to minimise contact for our employees at certain times, increasing everyone’s safety while enhancing the efficiency of internal processes. These new measures include the following:

Hygiene and thermometer stations

Installation of thermometers at all airports so that employees can check their temperature quickly and easily

Mask dispensers

IBAS provides employees with masks for their daily duties and this system means that workers can easyly get a new one when they need it, minimising contact between employees.

Biometric clocking system

Available at all airports, this is a new clocking system that uses facial recognition (simply by standing in front of the terminal, the device records whether the employee is leaving or entering the workplace).

Gel dispensers

IBAS has acquired hydro alcoholic gel dispensing units to provide enough quantity of hand sanitizer to comply with AESA guidelines at all times.


This Comprehensive Health and Safety Plan  also includes a series of measures directly designed for our clients such as the separation screens installed at all customer service points and the appropriate signage.

  • We have established a cleaning / disinfection protocol for ground equipment (GSE) and, in particular, for buses and stairs. In these equipments the contact elements are cleaned and disinfected periodically by a specialized company.
  • We have adapted the capacity of the buses to the different regulatory scenarios of the different autonomous communities since the beginning of the pandemic.