Since the eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma, Iberia Airport Services is committed to help and provide the maximum support to all people of La Palma, passengers, airlines and colleagues from the Canary Islands. Therefore, while we wait for the operation re-start, we have maintained our staff at 100% (35 people) to coordinate solutions to the airlines we handle – CONDOR, GRUPO TUI, EASYJET, CANARY FLY, EDELWEIS, IBERIA and VUELING – giving our full attention at counters, rerouting, issuing hotel vouchers and surface transport arrangement to the port of La Palma. “More than 1,100 customers who, despite the airport closure, have passed through the airport in the last five days and to whom we have tried to offer our best care, according to the options each airline provides to each passenger,” says Teresa Gutiérrez, our manager at La Palma airport.

Since the airport closure to air traffic last Friday, we activated all measures to preserve and protect La Palma’s ground equipment fleet from the ash, in order to guarantee operational safety parameters.

In addition, committed to provide the greatest support to the people of La Palma, last Wednesday 22 September, we coordinated with the NGO Mano a Mano the delivery of humanitarian aid from Madrid airport within a few hours.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our colleagues on La Palma for their efforts, dedication and solidarity in preparing the operation recovery.