With the aim of improving our service

levels, we are currently conducting surveys based on NPS metrics to learn more about how our customer airlines perceive our services.

The project started with the development of a zero phase in BCN with several companies on board. During this phase, we decided to segment the questions in three major areas: Passenger Services, Ramp Services and Flight Dispatch, based on the results obtained we will be able to focus specific areas of service inside each segment.

From the beginning of December we had the go ahead for phase 1 with 30 plus companies invited to participate at 8 major airports ALC, AGP, BIO, IBZ, LPA, MAD, PMI & TFS besides BCN, our proof of concept station.

For each service area to be analyzed, we post a question on level of recommendation to a colleague or a friend adding a free text area to receive their feedback on the reason for the score selected. So, with a short and simple formulaire we intend not to take much time from the respondents but at the same time we allow them to raise their points in the aspects of the service important for them.

The respondents assigned by the airlines for this task, agree with our local managers the periodicity of the survey; despite it is not much time consuming, we leave it open to weekly, fortnightly or monthly periodicity.

The process starts with an email alert sent at the agreed dates to be answered by the respondents. The information gathered provides IBAS an Index of Satisfaction of our customer airlines and a detailed description of the specific areas where we need to put focus on improvement or where our performance is satisfactory.

The scores declared are valuated as per NPS metrics in line with the already used by many airlines and by other sectors; 9 and 10 scores are added and 0 to 6 scores are subtracted leaving 7 & 8 scores as neutral, therefore we obtain a numeric indicator to track service quality tendencies. From now on, the new index is added to the set of KPIs analyzed to manage our resources and services.

For IBAS, NPS methodology is key to put our customer companies in the center of our activity, emerging elements of Service that for not being reflected in the contracts are not part of the continuous improvement projects while their added value may impact the handling activity.