The Airports Council International-Europe (ACI Europe) has just published the general ranking of airports, with three Spanish airports in the top 15: Madrid-Barajas in 8th place with 24,119,214 passengers. In 11th place, Barcelona-El Prat with 18,814,547 passengers; and in 15th place, Palma de Mallorca with 14,488,144 passengers.
In addition, Palma de Mallorca also stood out in December among the top five for showing the greatest recovery in traffic in its category (Group 1 (+25 M passengers per year)).
Iberia Airport Services maintains a 39% market share at Palma de Mallorca airport, which in 2021 meant more than 16,000 operations between the 41 client companies we serve. This is 30% less activity than in 2019, almost reaching pre-pandemic levels in months such as August and December.
Palma de Mallorca Airport is a seasonal airport whose peak season traditionally begins at Easter, with flights increasing every month until the end of September. At Iberia Airport Services we cope with this seasonality with a discontinuous permanent staff, accustomed to working under enormous pressure for several months.
The pandemic has also put this airport to the test, adding to the seasonal nature of the situation, difficulties such as reincorporating an ERTE workforce that has also had to continually adapt to COVID requirements. Difficulties that have done nothing but make all our employees grow and turn Palma de Mallorca into a safety airport par excellence in which there has been no AOG caused by IBAS during the last two years.
“The fact that no serious incident has been caused to an aircraft in the last two years is a recognition of the effort and awareness of our employees, who have internalised the procedures naturally, thanks to the dedicated Safety team and the extensive knowledge of the commanders of our structure,” acknowledges Jesús García, Quality and Operational Safety Manager. “Thanks to a lot of field work near our ramp, many hours of dedication, briefings, report analysis, feedback, proactive listening, decision making and adaptation of actions, the safety culture has taken hold at all levels, despite the pandemic, and we are proud to see that work well done is paying off.