Last March, at the LCG airport, the day passed normally (in times of restrictions, which meant an exhaustive control of documentation to be able to travel and punctual queues to check-in for this reason) and Margarita Brun, passenger supervisor, was on duty.

A passenger bound for Bangladesh arrives at the counter. It is not a very frequent destination. Checking that all the documentation necessary to fly is in order requires an exhaustive review. One of the requirements was missing.

Margarita provided this document to the passenger, printed and handed it over. The grateful passenger told him “you don’t really know what you just did”. The passenger left and Margarita continued doing her daily work.

A story that did not end here since weeks later the passenger returned to ask about Margarita, to thank her for her willingness and collaboration and explained the beautiful story in which Margarita, without knowing it, became one of the protagonists. The passenger was a doctor traveling to Bangladesh to operate on an 8-year-old girl who had broken her spine.

After the operation, Nupur, in an amazing rehabilitation, managed to recover the movement of his legs and walk again.

The doctor from Coruña told Margarita the story of this girl, thanked her for her work and also left her a reflection that we want to share, a written “formula” that he explained as follows: (C+H x A). “He told me that C is our ‘knowledge’ and H is our ‘skills.’ We all have them, they serve us for work, for leisure… for life in general. We develop them over the years, knowledge and skills add up. The third letter, A, stands for ‘attitude’ and ‘attitude multiplies, good and bad. And if attitude is 0, anything multiplied by 0 equals 0.”

With this equation, the doctor emphasized how the gesture of the flight supervisor, “her step forward”, allowed a girl from a poor Asian country, “who she does not know and possibly will never know, life to give her a second chance” . To finish, he told her: “Since you didn’t know what you did that morning, I’m here to tell you.”

In this link published by the Voice of Galicia, you can meet Nupur and Margarita.

Thank you Margaret! We are very proud of the human quality of our employees.