Pooling initiative in IBAS

Caring for the environment, energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint are at the forefront of many companies’ strategies. Iberia Airport Services has been the forerunner in this type of initiative and, as a leading agent in the handling service in Aena’s airport network, has already launched actions such as the pooling of ground equipment at PMI, REU, GRO, MAH, TFS and AGP airports, with satisfactory results.

With a view to improving sustainability and being leaders in GSE flexibility, agreements have been signed at these airports with other Ground Handling Agents (GAA) for the shared use of various families of equipment such as belts, baggage tractors, self-propelled aircraft stairs, planters, push-back or GPUs. We are also working to implement this at other airports in our network.

In addition to being an environmentally friendly system, pooling also offers a series of advantages, such as rationalising the use of equipment, achieving significant improvements in the sizing of families per fleet, in the reduction of fuel and in preventive and corrective maintenance work, thus contributing to improving the sustainability of operations and care for the environment.

Salvador López, GRO Supervisor: “It is always enriching to use different equipment and it is a way to economise on work tools. The idea of collaboration is very good”.

Ramón Guinjoan, REU Supervisor: “Given the work peaks, it is essential to be able to have the necessary equipment to deal with the operations”.

Iberia Airport Services, as part of its continuous improvement strategy, considers pooling as a way to optimise the sizing of critical families of equipment needed at each airport, discriminating the different fleets to be served in the summer or winter seasons, facilitating the improvement of productivity at a local level and contributing to the airport’s operability by providing options for handling families of ground equipment at the different airports.