At Iberia Airport Services, we have always promoted gender equality in the aviation sector, ensuring quality conditions that guarantee the development of each and every one of our employees.
For this reason, 35% of our staff are women. Women in traditionally male positions chosen in fully egalitarian selection processes.
Raquel del Fresno, who has been with Iberia for 25 years, is one of them, a ramp supervisor at Madrid-Barajas airport. As she acknowledges in this interview for, “I still find everything that goes on around an aeroplane incredible. Teamwork is essential to make the flights go ahead”.
Like Raquel, every day we see more and more women working on the runways of our airports, skilfully handling ground equipment, loading or unloading aircraft, leading teams… but, above all, proud of their colleagues who love “the world of aviation”.
In this link you can see the full interview with Raquel.