Load Control & Flight Operations

At IBAS we have qualified personnel, with immediate implementation, for your local management.
We offer our clients the possibility of having staff prepared and committed to their needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing solutions based on our extensive experience, with an agile execution according to the needs of their activity.
How do we do it?
– We maintain direct contact with local authorities (AENA, Security).
– We have direct contact with suppliers (maintenance, cleaning, catering).
– Direct supervision of new procedures, reports, incidents.
– Operational reports (We have online tools for basic activity data, OTP and Quality (miss handling, security, complaints).
– Personalised attention with regular meetings with the Client Company/Handling Agent.
– We supervise the check-in process at the Terminal counters.
– Adaptation of airport management software DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
– OTP analysis
– Load sheet management
– Personalised attention to flight attendants in the airport area (Facilitating transport to/from the aircraft to the terminal. Guidance of crews to the baggage reclaim area on flight arrival)
– Reception, storage and delivery of aircraft manuals.
– Support to 753 compliance
– Establishment and monitoring of security KPIs.