Ramp Services

Iberia Airport Services is a handling company with more than 85 years of experience, which translates into efficiency, professionalism and safety on the ramp. We invest in technology to guarantee our customers the best service.


The push tractor becomes a key figure in the flight process, pushing the aircraft backwards from the gate so that it can taxi to the runway.

The tugs used by Iberia Airport Services, manufactured by the German company Mototok, are remote-controlled, very compact and run on all-electric batteries. They operate at a speed of 5.4 kilometres per hour.

When the pilots request permission from the control tower to push back from the gate, it is the tractor operator’s turn to confirm that all systems are working properly. He plays a critical role in making sure that there are no vehicles, equipment, personnel or other obstacles behind the aircraft before the push back begins.

Once all are coordinated, the pilot will give the green light and the tractor operator will authorise him to start the aircraft engines. Reversing will begin with the use of a mechanism that grips the aircraft’s nose wheel and lifts it off the runway to guide it. It’s a simple manoeuvre, but without it, no plane would get off the ground.

So the next time you board a plane or look out of the window while you’re waiting for take-off, pay attention to these small but powerful machines, capable of moving passenger planes weighing around eighty tonnes. It’s a fascinating thing to see!


At Iberia Airport Services we have a “Winter Plan”, which will freeze your operations.

Preparation for the de-icing season begins in mid-August, reviewing SAE standards:

  • SAE 6285 which establishes the minimum requirements and methodology to be able to perform de-icing/anti-icing procedures on aircraft on the ground, and to be able to ensure the safe operation of aircraft during ground icing conditions.
  • SAE6286, establishes the minimum criteria for the effective training of airline personnel and Ground Handling Agents to ensure safe ground de-icing/anti-icing operations.
    We provide specific training for each stopover. All IBAS agents are qualified to perform pre and post de-icing inspection, with their DI-L30B training level.

Within the IBAS national network we de-ice at 16 airports, with Madrid standing out with an average of 1,000 to 1,200 de-icing per year.


Baggage handling
We handle 8.6M pieces of baggage in 2019, our qualified staff sort the baggage for safe loading onto aircraft.

BRS/bingo cards.
Reduces lost baggage and locates it instantly, with easy and efficient tracking of baggage throughout its journey from the time it enters to the time it leaves the aircraft.

Ramp baggage transport
Handling baggage in the sorting room, sorting it, preparing it for boarding, and loading and unloading it from the systems designed to take it from the aircraft to the sorting room and vice versa, as well as transporting baggage from the sorting room to the distribution room.

Bulk and ULD loading and unloading
ULD screening
Extra security / custody of special goods