At Iberia Airport Services we are committed to sustainability in both its environmental and social aspects

Strategy and Objectives

Committed to achieve our Zero Carbon target by 2025, we have developed a sustainability policy that aims to minimise environmental and social impact, as well as raising awareness among all employees and collaborators.

In the next 7 years we will incorporate electric ground support equipment (GSE) in the 80% of our fleet and we will be zero carbon by 2025, becoming 100% sustainable in all our operations.

Our Sustainability Plan, which includes more than 30 initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our business and developing corporate social responsibility. The conversion of thermal equipment to electric, the use of more sustainable energy sources (HVO, H2 or solar), applying circular economy policies, efficiently managing textile and supplier waste, collaborating in cutting-edge R&D projects in sustainability or promoting social actions and a sustainable culture among our employees are the main axes of this plan:



  • This is the first time that this type of sustainable fuel has been used in a Spanish airport for handling activities.
  • This milestone marks a further step towards the decarbonisation of the aviation sector and the airport environment.
  • Iberia and Repsol continue to advance in their collaboration agreement towards more sustainable travel.

Fleet electrification

Iberia Airport Services is carrying out its conversion plan to electrify 80% of its fleet.

This makes it possible to take advantage of current equipment that can have a useful life of up to 14 years and, in addition, the maintenance of this renewed and electrified equipment is much less costly and, above all, simpler for the future due to a question of homogeneity.


In order to maintain and increase environmental awareness among the workforce, awareness-raising and training initiatives are carried out on the different environmental aspects with the aim of minimising them. To this end, courses are given on efficient driving, waste management (segregation and storage) and reduction of energy and water consumption.

Our Certifications

Learn about the monitoring and measurement of our environmental performance in the year 2022