At Iberia Airport Services we are committed to sustainability in both its environmental and social aspects.

The reduction of our environmental impact is guided by the Management System certified by the ISO 14.001:2015 Standard. Focusing on minimising the effect of our activity on the current climate crisis, the ambition that defines our Fleet Renewal Plan is to maximise the reduction of our carbon footprint.

To this end, we are developing the following initiatives, among others:


It has been more than three years since we started installing devices that improve the combustion efficiency of our equipment.

  • Engines only burn/utilise a % of the fuel (variable depending on the type of engine), the device increases this capacity, thus obtaining better energy efficiency.
  • The reductions in fuel consumption vary between 7% and 4% depending on the equipment.
  • This reduction is reflected in the level of emissions, very positive in the case of CO2 with a great contribution to the fight against climate change.
  • We also highlight the significant reduction in all those gases that affect air quality, providing a healthier working environment.


We have replaced the usual sepiolite as an absorbent for the treatment of hydrocarbon or oil spills with another product that does not generate hazardous waste.

  • It is capable of absorbing up to 6 times more oil/gas oil per kilo of product used thanks to a density 10 times lower than sepiolite.
  • It comes from waste from the livestock industry which is transformed into collagen fibre which absorbs the spillage in less time.
  • It is water-repellent, which optimises its absorption capacity.
  • It is flame retardant, reducing by 90% the risk of deflagration of a fuel spill allowing safer operations.


At IBAS we have a geolocation system for the management of our fleet of equipment.

  • It allows us to improve the performance of our vehicles by monitoring their use in real time.
  • It reduces inefficient fuel consumption due to bad driving style, such as excessive speeding or idling.
  • It allows us to anticipate risks and breakdowns, reducing non-preventive maintenance of equipment.
  • Identification will help us to encourage more responsible driving in a supportive way and boost recognition of our best drivers.


We have already exceeded 5000 departures and will grow exponentially with the incorporation of new units, with each additional unit we reduce emissions by 25,000 kg of CO2 per year.


Fleet renewal plans revolve around the electrification of the fleet, for which we analyse all the options available on the market. We are currently carrying out the following tests in collaboration with specialised manufacturers:

  • Electric pushback, from the manufacturer TLD at AGP airport.
  • Electric GPU, from the manufacturer TLD at BCN airport.
  • Electric GPU, from the manufacturer Guinault at MAD airport.
  • Electric tractor, from the manufacturer Charlatte at MAD airport.


As part of the IAG Iberia Airports Services group’s starup acceleration programme, it is participating in the project for the introduction of hydrogen as a fuel for equipment.

  • This project is part of the various initiatives aligned with the Group’s sustainability objectives.
  • Alternatives for the adaptation of equipment to hydrogen are analysed.
  • In contact with producers, supply options are analysed.


We approach our social action through our volunteer programme, Voluntarios Iberia aims to achieve change through real actions. To this end, we put our staff in contact with the different NGOs with which we collaborate.


Our Airport Services Management has set objectives to follow in our commitment to the environment.
In short, it is a matter of complying with legislation, implementing efficient management models to continue improving the development of our activity and collaborating with other organisations with the same aim.
Promote the internal reduction of gas emissions through a low carbon economy.
In short, to raise awareness of the importance of reducing our impact on the environment.