The last weekend of March we change the time on our clocks, we change our moods, longer days arrive, days of light, days of summer. Iberia Airport Services, also starts the new season, happy and committed to help transport the illusions of thousands of passengers, and together, welcome the spring.

We leave behind the last two years to face the Easter campaign with renewed energy and great enthusiasm, the first major challenge of the year, due to the volume of flights and passengers to be handled in just a few days. At all our airports we are doubling our efforts and are already preparing for the arrival of a “New Summer”.

During the Easter holiday period we have 10,080 operations planned, which means handling no less than 160% more activity than we had last year, and only 8% less than in 2019.

Our client airlines are also back in the air, ready to get back to work, Czech Airlines (OK) in Madrid, Lufthansa (LH) in Jerez de la Frontera, Blue Bird (BBG) in Barcelona. Other companies have chosen us and are starting operations with Iberia Airport Services; Eurowings Discover (4Y) in Jerez de la Frontera, Edelweiss (WK) in Bilbao, Air Alsie in Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza, ITA (AZ) in Mahon, Fly Play (OG) in Madrid, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca, Swiss International Air Lines (LX) in Jerez de la Frontera, Chatay (CX) in Madrid and Barcelona. We are working together to make the new season perfect.

We have been preparing, we have been recruiting for temporary staff at many of our airports, 800 conversions were carried out in March, which represents an 11% increase in staffing levels. We promoted and invested in training hours for our agents. The command area was reinforced to monitor and control operations.

The ground equipment needs at each of our airports were reviewed in detail. Our fleet has been reviewed and inspected, especially the window boxes, as they include air conditioning and are the ones that receive our passengers on their transfer to the aircraft; the rest of the equipment, ladders, belts, towing tractors, all have been overhauled.
Ramp processes have been reviewed with the Checklist, safety processes are monitored and reviewed with real time notification of any incident.
In addition, our cleaning and baggage delivery suppliers have already adapted all the services they provide us with to the increase in activity that the new season entails.

We asked three of our airports to tell us how they have prepared for this campaign.

David Martínez Álvarez, Manager at A Coruña Airport, tells us how they have prepared. –

“At A Coruña airport, we have programmed the staff at the stopover to be able to attend to passenger check-in, reinforcing the shifts with a few more desks, especially during the peaks of 4 planes that we have. We have reinforced the baggage claims desk (LL) at these peaks, in order to speed up any possible incidents that may occur.
In the ramp area, safety inspections have recently been carried out on the operation of all the equipment and we have checked that all maintenance is up to date, minimising possible breakdowns. Together with the central office, the ground equipment has been sized for the whole summer, in order to provide the best possible service to all the companies that will be operating.
The ramp staff shifts have also been reinforced, in anticipation of the increase in baggage to be handled. The PMR´s service has also been reinforced with more staff, which we also attend to at LCG”.

Pedro Linero, Senior Manager of Peninsula Airports, comments on the measures taken by one of the busiest airports these days:

“Malaga is one of the favourite destinations for Easter, passenger traffic will increase these days by 20%, so we have taken extraordinary measures in all passenger processes. I would highlight, for example, the opening of some counters in advance for most of the companies to H-150 (Vueling (VY), Iberia Express (I2), British Airways (BA), Aer Lingus (EI) and Finnair (AY), anticipating the closure of the same. We have reinforced the Lost&Found and the gardener services in time slots where we may have an increase of remote aircraft. In addition, we have held a meeting with the AENA media allocation department to try to ensure that the remote stand schedule is favourable to us. In short, we are ready, it will be a good season”.

Corinne Martínez, Manager at the airports of San Sebastián (EAS), Pamplona (PNA) and Vitoria (VIT), summarises the preparations for each of the stopovers.

“At San Sebastian Airport, since last month we have been reviewing with AENA the schedules and the allocation of resources. The start of Easter Week coincides with a special operation due to the ORONA shareholders’ meeting at EAS. And on the 8th, 2 new Volotea routes will be inaugurated. We are setting up an additional counter to improve check-in times, reinforcing shifts to cover the airport’s operating hours. We have managed the transfer of a conveyor belt from Madrid-Barajas to EAS to cover peak activity.
In Pamplona, all check-in and boarding counters that have not been used throughout the year are being reviewed; we are reinforcing shifts to cover practically the airport’s operating hours; we are holding meetings with AENA to analyse the most critical days, such as 8 (ORONA event), 13, 14 and 18 April.
And at Vitoria airport, although there is no increase in scheduled activity for the summer, we have special Easter Week operations on 13, 14 and 18 April. We also dispatch with AENA to control the scheduling and slot allocation; and we support the operation with staff from Pamplona”.

Iberia Airport Services, ready to take off with each of our customers.

Happy Easter!