Iberia Airport Services has been the handling company chosen to accompany UNITED AIRLINES in the expansion of its transatlantic network in Spain. The American company has just launched two new routes from Newark (EWR) to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) from June 3rd and Tenerife South (TFS) from June 10th.

Last January we won the tender launched by the company after hard work in the commercial area.  Ana del Cura, commercial manager of the account and specialist in American airlines, tells us about the particularities of the whole process for the landing of UNITED at IBAS airports: “American companies must follow the particular regulations of the United States and this is reflected both in the contract and in the documentation that, as handling service providers, we must present and comply with. In the specific case of UNITED AIRLINES for the opening of the two destinations in Spain to PMI and TFS, we have received great support and there is a fluid communication with their team that has made it possible to solve the particularities in the implementation at a technical, training and procedural level. We are delighted to include UNITED in our client portfolio and very excited about their confidence in this new project and those that may arise in our airport network. I am convinced that this is only the beginning of a successful and long-lasting relationship, and I feel very fortunate to be able to accompany them on a daily basis as UNITED’s KAM.


At IBAS we are committed to making UNITED’s operations a success, coordinating the start-up between all the areas that in one way or another are involved in the care of their aircraft. Our goal is to plan the operation in perfect harmony so that nothing goes wrong. On site, at each stopover, an action plan was developed with IT and operational systems; HR with the planning of the assigned personnel and the training to be provided; MASA cleaning managers and the Commercial area to coordinate everything agreed with UNITED. In addition, we have provided support with AENA for the implementation of their procedures and resources at our bases. A large number of training hours have been given to our passenger, boarding, coordination and loading and unloading staff. In addition to facilitating the management and placement of the branding for the airport terminal, reinforcing and promoting the start of operations.


Joana Quintana Morey, Manager of Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI), highlights the enormous media coverage and the good reception that UNITED’s arrival on the island has had, allowing non-stop travel to the USA. “Despite the fact that during the preparations we have had to overcome many challenges different from what we are used to, such as the implementation of security protocols according to American regulations, we have put a lot of enthusiasm into this project and I am sure that we will be able to provide a good service with the involvement of all of us who make up IBAS at PMI. “


Sonia Henríquez Brito, Manager of Tenerife Airport (TFS), tells us what the arrival of UNITED has meant for her stopover “We have had two big challenges at TFS. Firstly, the connection of their routers and the availability of SIM cards, and secondly, the reception of the company’s equipment. The lifting of this material involves a bureaucracy that does not exist in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula, and it is proving complicated to lift the goods at the cargo terminal. We are fully engaged in the logistics and provision of material, which will be here for the first operation next Friday.

Our aim is always to ensure that the client company feels at home and to show them that we have all their needs covered. We are looking forward to seeing this first landing and serving UNITED; it will be a   historic milestone for the Tenerife team”.

With PMI operations already underway, and days away from the first take-off at TFS, the Iberia Airport Services team is ready to fly with UNITED AIRWAYS!