With no detriment to efficiency, competitiveness, or sustainability, Iberia Airport Services (IBAS) is fully aware of the importance of conducting all its operations in a secure environment for which we have a Safety Plan for making continuous improvements across all company areas with theme of “Using the Five Senses”.

We are forging a Safety culture in our operations, as a working method with which to address every task performed by our employees, and particularly those working on airport ramps. With the aim of raising awareness among employees, we carry out continuous communications campaigns as one of the pillars on which to establish such a safety culture.

How we devise these campaigns:

  • In 2018 we launched monthly campaigns stressing a variety of messages arising from the case studies addressed in our weekly operational safety meetings.

  • We learn by playing, as our employees take part in what we call “wiki safety” contests, in which they answer questionnaires related to safety issues, with prizes for the winners.


  • We also stage an annual “Safety Challenge”, in which our employees are given the opportunity to propose ideas or initiatives with the aim of making our operations safer. There are rewards for the best ideas, which are implemented at all the airports we serve.

  •  On 28 April we celebrate “World Safety Day” to promote safety culture Safety together with other Iberia units (maintenance, workplace accident prevention, etc.)
  •  We developed the “Safety Kiosk” to improve employee access to operational information (procedures of client airlines, safety bulletins, tutorials, etc.), within the framework of the ongoing company-wide digital transformation plan in which Iberia Airport Services is fully involved.

  • We identify and promote a policy of recognition, identifying the best practices.
  • Another basic pillar of safety culture is the training of our employees. In this area we are introducing new concepts and methods to make this training more efficient.

  • In the Ground Equipment area, continuous improvements are being made to most of the equipment, making it safer to operate.
  • All this is accompanied by permanent safety sessions in all our airports, in which we convey information in the most direct manner.

Iberia Airport Services adapts to the needs of our customers, with the greatest safety in all our operations, by putting our five senses to work in everything we do.